02 October 2008


To all the e-aagh-ers (I feel like that's potential for a nickname.  Hmm....) I'm Office-less (the show) tonight due to the VP debate, so I've fallen back to writing.  May I emphasize the Office-less part and make it clear that I'm rather sad about it?

Anyway, a couple of weeks back someone referred me to the-editing-room.com, and I'd recommend it.  Definoodley.  They do "abridged scripts" of well-known movies such as Indiana Jones and Cloverfield, which are pretty damn amusing.  Start here:


If you're a don't-ruin-it-for-me person, obviously websurf with discretion.  I'd never seen Cloverfield for example.  *shrug*  There are some movies that I'm more concerned about than others, you know?

And may I recommend today's Looking For Group?  Richard sings that boom de yada boom de yada song...sort of.

Peace, fellow e-aaghers.

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