03 October 2008

Raisins and xkcd

Leave it to raisins to be the only thing in my pantry with just one ingredient under the ingredient list:  raisins.  Also, I did a google search for uses of the word, definoodley, and only my blog popped up.  Hilarious.  :)

*cough*  Right, back to relevant topics....

Alpha telling me that they've recently added bejeweled to WoW when you're flying on a Griffin or whatever just to pass the time, and that you can play it whenever you want.  It's like they're acknowledging that sometimes you gotta wait a long time.  I'm not criticizing so much as observing.  It seemed appropriate, then, that today's xkcd is related to this topic:


The guy who started putting Minesweeper on Windows owes me months of my life back.

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