08 October 2008

V splits

Aloha todos, e-aaghers.

Just a note to remind you to stop over and read Alpha's comic, Gavalier's World of Warcraft.  The mafia makes an appearance in WoW and drives the plot, so it's definitely worth it.  Make sure you tell Alpha how much you like his work.  You can plaster him with comments on his blog.

On other fronts, if you've not kept up with Rich Burlew's OOTS, Varsuvius has recently vaporized a plot point, literally--to the reader's relief as he explains--but today he's parting ways with Durkon and Elan.  *gasp*  I wonder how many more years will go by before the group is reunited and Roy is resurrected.  2?  3?

Which reminds me, they ought to have a sequel to the Order of the Stick board game, which takes current events into account.  And makes the shortened version a little more...shortened?

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