14 October 2008

So very excited...

...I don't know what to do with myself.  The Mother 3 fan translation project is done and they're releasing the patch by the end of the week.  I remember playing Mother 2 (Earthbound) the first time so many, many years ago (had to've been something in the range of a decade ago) and finding out that there had been a proposed sequel that we were never to receive.

And now we ARE receiving it.  Everything's come full circle.

To be fair, there are those who've been watching the translation project since it's beginning who deserve to be more excited than me, but I'm still excited.  So very, very excited.

Which means I ought to be careful not to have unreachable expectations.  Although, I've played half of the first chapter in Japanese and found it notably un-Earthbound-like, so maybe that means that my expectations are somewhat low.  I'm just excited on principle, methinks.

And when I say I played that half-a-chapter in Japanese, that doesn't mean that I understood bunches of it without a walkthrough.  Cut me some slack.  Considering THAT translation was very dry, maybe the official translation (by a professional translator who's a series fan) will put some of the Earthbound back into it.  Maybe.  *shrug*

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