22 November 2008

Too scientifically rigorous?

If you've not read Friday's xkcd, do so. I want to know what happens when she sees a half dozen of the non-control group.

This week Haley's been stabbed and Belkar uncursed (Oots), we've discovered the root of Cole's dislike for Max and made a discovery about Max in the process (Pvp), and I learned what a bank alt is (Flintlocke versus the Horde). Rather a productive week in the webcomic world.

Also this week Alpha's reviewed Fallout 3--http://e-aagh.net/fo3_review_pc.htm--so stop over and check that out. I learned a thing or two. And I also think that the building construction is quite a bit Morrowind-like. It's been given an overall 9.0, so it's worth a peek.

16 November 2008

The Christmas shopping conundrum

Since we're approaching Thanksgiving, let's have a short chat about all the games that have either just come out or will by Christmas.

If you are a gamer that in fact has another gamer in the family, you may face the following conundrum.  Do you buy that person a game that you know they want but you would never play?  Say, for example, that you have a 10 year old kid sister or brother who happens to be a fan of Animal Crossing while you'd much prefer to play Need for Speed or Call of Duty.  Do you buy that kid sibling their Animal Crossing game for Christmas or compromise and buy a pg-13 FPS and tell your mom that it's to play together.

This of course assumes that you're not rich and haven't bought all of these before Christmas rolls around.

I can tell you for a fact that this situation plays a role in my Christmas shopping.  Generally I go for the first solution--give 'em what they really wanted, that's why it's a gift--but wonder how often people do end up with the compromise game.  I mean, being able to play with more people is a sure bonus but only if the game itself is decent.

I guess it also depends on how much you like your sibling, lol.

15 November 2008

Pickle Death Attack!

Good morning...at 11:15am.  That's still morning, right?

Order of the Stick this morning was humorous again--Rich Burlew must be having a good week.  "Try the inside bottom (of the pickle barrel).  That's where they traditionally put the stats."  Ha.  My favorite part is the panel where the thief chick--that's not Haley--is pleased with herself after throwing pickles at Haley.

Oh, and make a point to stop over at www.e-aagh.net to check out the PREVIEW of the new Xbox console (Microsoft Miis and all) and the review of the controversial Wii Music.

13 November 2008

Oh the hype hype hype

If the title makes no sense, the sound effect of a small dog barking (especially the pug, Oso, in Sheldon) has been compared to the word "hype".  Just go with it.

Anyway, for those of you who play WoW, y'all must be super excited that Wrath of the Lich King.  Especially those of you of high enough level to make use of the over-lvl-60 content.

If you've not seen it already, check the stuff that Scott Kurtz's been putting out on his two webcomics.  First, on pvponline we're reminded of the origin of Ding this week when Francis gets into a fight while waiting in line for Wrath of the Lich King.  He announces that he's the best undead warlock on his server and a rival paladin happens to be present.  "You're Kissybear?"

Also, Ding is being updated more frequently than it has been in months.  Kissybear, as a matter of fact, is doing a mock survival guide to the expansion pack.  I found yesterday's strip


to be particularly enlightening.  Oh, people can't resist shiny new classes can they?  This strip actually reminds me of a scene from Life of Brian, "Yes, we're all individuals!"  Go watch it if you have no idea what I'm referring to.

11 November 2008

No love for Wii Music

As Alphasim's commented on www.e-aagh.net there's been a disapproving buzz lately for Wii Music.  Okay, so it's not Guitar Hero, and it's most certainly not Rock Band.  It's just something else.  Can you record your own versions of songs on Guitar Hero or Rock Band?  I think not.  Are there 50 instruments on Guitar Hero or Rock Band?  Definitely not.  What I'm saying is, let Wii Music pick up the slack.  Miyamoto's come up with something original, yet again, so we owe it the decency to treat as an original entity.  If it'd come out before the era of guitar-shaped controllers, it's reception would've been totally different.

I mean, heck, people played Jungle Beat, right?

Also, Bethesda's Fallout 3 is out.  If you like guns and rpgs, go pick this title up.  There's an unprecedented amount of character development, especially for something with ammunition, lol.  If you're totally unfamiliar with this title, it's a semi-post-apocalyptic future where the first town you meet worships a big nuke.  For example, do you disarm it or do you let it go off?  Your game world will forever change depending on choices like that.

Alpha tells me it's got a little bit of Fable to it plus Bethesda's open rpg style because there's a Karma system that opens different quests.  No white hair results, though.

On the webcomics front, may I recommend that you stop over and see today's Order of the Stick?  The visuals are worth it.  Belkar's dreaming about Shojo giving him advice:

Shojo: 'The point is, if you laugh and spit in their faces enough times, they'll kick you out of the house--Which in this extended metaphor means killing you."

The power of metaphor, lol.