11 November 2008

No love for Wii Music

As Alphasim's commented on www.e-aagh.net there's been a disapproving buzz lately for Wii Music.  Okay, so it's not Guitar Hero, and it's most certainly not Rock Band.  It's just something else.  Can you record your own versions of songs on Guitar Hero or Rock Band?  I think not.  Are there 50 instruments on Guitar Hero or Rock Band?  Definitely not.  What I'm saying is, let Wii Music pick up the slack.  Miyamoto's come up with something original, yet again, so we owe it the decency to treat as an original entity.  If it'd come out before the era of guitar-shaped controllers, it's reception would've been totally different.

I mean, heck, people played Jungle Beat, right?

Also, Bethesda's Fallout 3 is out.  If you like guns and rpgs, go pick this title up.  There's an unprecedented amount of character development, especially for something with ammunition, lol.  If you're totally unfamiliar with this title, it's a semi-post-apocalyptic future where the first town you meet worships a big nuke.  For example, do you disarm it or do you let it go off?  Your game world will forever change depending on choices like that.

Alpha tells me it's got a little bit of Fable to it plus Bethesda's open rpg style because there's a Karma system that opens different quests.  No white hair results, though.

On the webcomics front, may I recommend that you stop over and see today's Order of the Stick?  The visuals are worth it.  Belkar's dreaming about Shojo giving him advice:

Shojo: 'The point is, if you laugh and spit in their faces enough times, they'll kick you out of the house--Which in this extended metaphor means killing you."

The power of metaphor, lol.

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