22 November 2008

Too scientifically rigorous?

If you've not read Friday's xkcd, do so. I want to know what happens when she sees a half dozen of the non-control group.

This week Haley's been stabbed and Belkar uncursed (Oots), we've discovered the root of Cole's dislike for Max and made a discovery about Max in the process (Pvp), and I learned what a bank alt is (Flintlocke versus the Horde). Rather a productive week in the webcomic world.

Also this week Alpha's reviewed Fallout 3--http://e-aagh.net/fo3_review_pc.htm--so stop over and check that out. I learned a thing or two. And I also think that the building construction is quite a bit Morrowind-like. It's been given an overall 9.0, so it's worth a peek.

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Alphasim said...

Thanks for the sales pitch; I need it. lol