04 December 2008


Alpha sent me this link from Xbox fanboy about a rumor involving the Lego_____ (Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman) series.  Lego Potter?  Something about blocky Hogwarts is amusing to me.


The real question is how to incorporate 5 (6 as of this summer and 7 eventually) movies.  I can't speak to Batman, but Lego SW and Lego IJ were broken up by movies.  There were 2 Lego SW for Pete's sake (and oh how I adored them).  I'm sure they would figure it out...providing that the rumor pans out.

Also, over Thanksgiving weekend I tried Spore, Sims2 Apartment Life, and Fable 2?  I'd give them all a thumbs-up (I happen to like creature phase and tribal phase so far in Spore.  The civilization phase is turning a little RTS for me).  Spore is creative but not quite what I had envisioned.  Apartment Life is more Sims, which is always appealing to me.  And Fable?  Ahhh Fable.

I'll leave my Fable 2 opinions for the upcoming post.

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