07 December 2008

Betasim "heart"s Fable 2

Lol, I actually can hardly stand it when people (generally other girls) turn heart into a verb instead of just saying that they love whatever it is.

So, Fable 2 is utterly amazing. It's more or less what I'd hoped the first Fable would be (because Oblivion is what I was really hoping for--now I have both). I have to say, Lionhead puts out some pretty groovy stuff. I also love Black and White. But I digress.

The biggest problems with the original Fable was that the world was constricted and I felt that the fighting style was awkward. Fable 2 has remedied both of these--the world is larger and richer, and the fighting is a lot more intuitive.

Oh, and I doubt that it was a good idea to put the spell button where the cancel button would be. I kept hitting it at the wrong moment and scaring/harming townspeople. And I broke a window at one point, which caused a constable to come lecture me and charge me a fine. I came back later and the window wasn't fixed, which was kind of cool.

And last but not least, there's co-op play. One person loads up their game, and a second player can join in. If player 2 has a saved game, they can pick their profile and whatever alignment's avatar that they prefer and their abilities transfer over. And you can get experience. Everyone wins!

Oh, and you can play as a girl. That's a nice bonus. ...too many years of being forced to marry women in Harvest Moon.

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