25 October 2008


Just as I've been taking a break from blogging about Mother 3, I've been taking a break from playing it.  This is partially due to being in a fire level that's handing my ass to me, and partially due to being busy in real life.  Oh presentations and critiques....

Anyway, on the webcomics front the halfpixel guys have started up webcomics.com (no www before it) as a center for articles about webcomics.  It's interesting--there's a bit of talk about making webcomics, specific webcomics, etc.  Apparently (according to Scott Kurtz) the Penny Arcade guys bought it and gave it halfpixel in the spirit of brotherhood or something.  How awesome is that?  It is, however, in it's infant stages as far as articles goes because it went up this week.  So, if you enjoy being among the first to enjoy a good thing, stop over there.

Their podcast, Webcomics Weekly, however is not new and you can now listen to it on the top of their homepage.  Good planning, methinks.

Furthermore, I've recently picked back up Fchords.  It's Kris Straub's other (3rd) strip besides chainsawsuit and Starslip Crisis.  I've read comments of his about it saying that it's kind of the strip he's always sort of wanted to make.  No surprise then that the main character, Ash, looks like him.  Quite a bit like him, lol.  Apparently he's a musician, too.  Explains a lot, that does.

Anyway, Fchords ( http://fchords.com/ ) is relatively new:  as of this summer or something.  It's about a couple of guys who record music for commercials but dream of making the big time.  Relatable, obviously.  (Ash:  "Please don't tell me I stole from Dido...I have a new idea!  Let's pretend this never happened.")

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