06 October 2008

Not guilty enough

I killed an entire Saturday playing emulator games.  I feel a...little guilty about it.  Almost not guilty enough, lol.

What I discovered is that, one, it's a good thing I've never owned my own gba, because I'd be very broke.  Two, they used the same template to make several maxis games such as Bustin Out and the Urbz.  Three, no matter how old I get Harvest Moon has the ability to suck away my life.

Life minesweeper as I said before.  But I digress....

If you keep up with Sheldon at all, you'll notice that Shel's multibillion dollar company is in trouble, and he's going to Dubai to get a loan.  Dave Kellet always impresses me how he manages to take current events as inspirations for an entire series of plot points.  Now his crew is flying to Dubai and today's actually has Arthur and a plane stewardess discussing the $1000 bill they've given him for a napkin.  Lol.  I'd totally be like, 'Excuse me, I think I've spilled my drink all over myself.' and then suck it up and airdry.

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