19 October 2008

It's a Pig's Life in the Modern Army

(my personal homage to Monty Python.  If you get the reference, good for you.)

As you will discover by even starting Mother 3 (or watching the trailer on their website or youtube) there's a pig theme going for the bad guys.  *I* haven't even figured out why yet as I'm nearing the end of chapter 5.  In my brain they're all Pokey hiding under those masks.

And as a continuation to the animal theme, you save your game with frogs, and two of the playable characters are animals.

One of those animals is a monkey.  I feel that the monkey's chapter is something of an interesting directorial choice (if this were a movie) because for reasons I won't tell you, his story takes us behind enemy lines.  Unfortunately, the monkey isn't exceptionally strong himself, but they give you a non-controllable companion who keeps you from being a monkey pancake.  This also means that in the short spurts that you separate from this companion (such as running a *cough* errand) be extra, extra careful not to pick any fights.  Your little monkey friend doesn't deal out enough damage to be more than marginally effective by himself.

Now, if only your companion weren't scum....

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