18 October 2008

Thieves and Ghosts

My favorite part of Mother 3 thus far is Chapter 2.  You get to play as a thief who's getting his first chance at doing real thieving.  His array of skill moves is pretty snazzy.

So where does this thief go to steal something?  An old, haunted castle.  Brilliant!  Some of the ghosts are actually friendly and I enjoyed talking to them.

I've gotta say, again, that there's a departure in feel from Earthbound in this area, but that there's some justification in the long term.  What this part does remind me of is Legend of Zelda when you're first sneaking into the castle at the beginning of the game.  Or maybe a little bit of Spike McFang.

This chapter also introduces the traditional Mother game zombies:  there were zombies south of the first city in Mother, north of Threed in Earthbound, and now north of the main city in Mother 3.  Ironically, there's a sign in front of the graveyard talking about how zombies are not allowed inside.  Oops!

Next time:  Monkeys and Frogs and Pigs, oh my!


Alphasim said...

I find it great that you remember Spike McFang.

BetaSim said...

Oh yes, Spike McFang. Say it with me now, em-u-la-tor, lol.

I'm actually stuck in the desert in that game.