30 September 2008

Earthbound 0

Well, I spent this weekend playing Mother, the precursor to Earthbound.  You remember me talking about Earthbound, yes?  Earthbound is technically Mother 2, which is its name in Japan.  I've also found Mother under Earthbound 0, but that's just Americans trying to make it all work from our perspective.

Anyway, I wanted to comment on how obvious it is that Earthbound is the sequel to this game.  Although the sarcasm and color of Earthbound is underdeveloped in Mother, a lot of the elements started there.  The world of Magicant plays a big role, and you still have a house with a mom and a favorite food and (2) sister(s) who store you items for you and a dog.  Apparently in this game your grandfather studied psi powers, so you get his old notes to get you to Magicant eventually.

There's also a section of zombies in a graveyard encroaching on a town, and you can get attacked by a hippie as a random encounter to exactly the same music as in Earthbound.  A lot of the music is familiar, actually.

And I've already met a Starman Junior.

Also, whenever you fight a rat, he has an attack that lowers your "fight" or offense.  However, when he does so, the game tells you that the rat "uttered dirty words".  Lol.  That would raise my offense, personally.

I also looked into Mother 3's fan translation website, but that's another post for another day.

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