25 September 2008

Gaming in Chicago

So, I moved to Chicago a year or so ago. When I arrived, I thought to myself, 'Ah, I'll look up a local gaming shop and get set up in my element.' Boy was I wrong.

What I mean to say is that Chi town is in serious need of a gaming revamp. (A geek revamp, if you will) There are always the standard places like Best Buy and Target to buy electronic games, but no specialty shops for the lesser-known stuff. Fortunately, most things can be bought on the internet, but that'll never replace the gaming shop experience.

To my knowledge the closest one is in a suburb an hour away. In a city this big, that seems incredible. There are comic shops--a few even deal in Warhammer materials--but that's the end of the line.

So, if you're considering what to do with your life and you have capitol and a geek streak, may I request you look into rectifying this situation? There are people to support that niche market, you'd just have to find them.

Until then, those of us living in Chicago will have to do without such things. Back to the internet...

Next time: Breaking into Webcomics

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