27 September 2008

An Interlude

I know I promised you an entry on webcomics, but since I missed yesterday, you're getting this interlude first.

Last night I spent a good chunk of the evening replaying Earthbound (for, like, the third time).  My previous save had me just returned with Ness's girlfriend, who I call Skye, from Happy Happy Village.  So, last night I went and saw the Blues Brothers, um I mean Runaway Five, in Twoson before hopping their bus to Threed.  There I took down the Boogey Tent and laid out some Zombie paper before we went north to Saturn Valley with our third friend, Henry.  Oh, Ness is called Roger.  I decided to pick my favorite of their random names....

And then it happened.  Every time I walk into Saturn Valley I think to myself, SOMEone needs to make another rpg in this style.  It doesn't matter that the graphics are outdated--they were oldish when we first played the game.  I remember Alpha and I as late elementary-schoolers sitting on the couch lamenting about Pokey and wishing him an early death.

Anyway, it makes me wish that I had the resources and know-how to make such a game myself.  It would be just as fun to make as to play.

So, yeah, I defeated Belch and rescued the Mr. Saturns (I need a Mr. Saturn plushie methinks.  Alpha!  Christmas present!).  I went back to the relit Threed and caught a bus to the traffic jam in the desert where I met the monkeys before going to Fourside where I saved and called it a night.

To make a long story short, if you've never played Earthbound (aka Mother 2) go find a way to do so.  Grin and bear it with the graphics--especially if you're as omg-it-must-be-shiny as Alpha--it's totally worth it.

And if you HAVE played it, go replay it.  It's good for the soul. 

Beta out.

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