23 March 2010

The evils of facebook...games!

Hey all--just a short note to complain about Facebook and its multitude of mediocre games.  And to praise emulators.

I only gave in and tried Farmville because I kept receiving gifts and it seemed like a waste.  And then it didn't do anything.  What kind of game do you spend 2 minutes on once a day to little or no gain but accumulating things on a big square?  I don't feel like "levelling-up" gets me anywhere.  And that, friends, sums up most of my experience with Facebook and its games.  True, I gave a few of them a week or so before I gave up, but for the vast majority I did give up.  And there are a couple more that I still log in here and there to make myself feel better.

Like Ponzi, Inc.  Ponzi is probably one of the more original pieces on Facebook.  It's a game where you own a business and benefit from your friends' hard work.  Sounds good, right?  Really what it boils down to is that effort gets you somewhere.  In Farmville?  Not so much.

And then I started to play some classics on Project 64.  Nooooo comparison.

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