18 January 2009

Explosives and Chinese Assault Rifles

Most of you have tried Oblivion. Some of you have trapsed into the Capital Wasteland. So, what's the hype all about, right?

I think the most valuable part of Fallout in comparison with Oblivion is that Fallout out is plausible on some level. (Y'know. Aside from the fact that the wanton destruction was supposed to have started in the 50's. Devil's in the details and all that.) The weapons all (could) exist, and the places used to be real for the most part.

Let's be honest--I love the fantasy genre, especially in the open-ended form it takes in Oblivion. I mean fireballs? Who doesn't love casting fireballs? And I'm not the Grey Fox for no reason either.

But I also love sci-fi, and Fallout is just enough of a deviation of reality to satisfy my sci-fi tastes. (I would/could take more, but I'm not feeling greedy.)

But let's talk about gameplay. One of the biggest differences that I've found is the levelling-up systems. For example, in Oblivion and Morrowind before the levelling-up came from dedicating time to your main skills. In Fallout it comes as part of gaining experience and flat-out killing things. I like that I don't have to use a lame skill to improve it.

However, if I'm already using a good skill (sneak for example...oh the joy of being the Grey Fox) I don't automatically gain experience in it. I still have to spend my skill points on it in Fallout. Truthfully, this doesn't entirely make sense. When is my character improving her explosives skill when she earns all of her XP with a Chinese Assault Rifle?

I guess it doesn't have to make sense, though, does it?

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Alphasim said...

Thankfully, it doesn't have to make sense.